Don’t take Amsterdam for granted, folks. 

This week’s Amsterdam Dance Event was a buoyant celebration of electronic dance music, with over 2,000 DJs playing at over 100 venues in the city. But amongst these festivities, the police arrested over 200 festival attendees for drug possession. It was reported earlier that attendees could walk in with five ecstasy pills lawfully. However, while the police may be lenient and not prosecute individuals with less than five ecstasy pills, drugs are not allowed legally into the festival premises.


‘We were confronted with a large number of people who had enough drugs to be prosecuted,’ police spokeswoman Ellie Lust told reporters. ‘In addition, our colleagues had to deal with people who were completely off their heads and others who were very aggressive.’

Amsterdam has always been a beautiful city of uninhibited parties and celebration. Having said that, let’s not assume that the city will pardon us for illegal actions. Stay tuned for more news.