‘One Night Only’ is an exclusive party. Here’s how you can get an invite. 

The uber-popular women’s clothing brand ONLY is hosting a discreet concert featuring the phenomenal Canadian electronic act DVBBS. A first-of-its-kind super exclusive party, open to only a lucky few, guarantees a absolutely insane evening of partying with the ‘Tsunami’ hit makers. Joining them is homegrown electronic veteran Nucleya, along with many other surprises planned for the guests.

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The entry for this party is extremely exclusive, but lucky for you, The Sherp’s here to help you go about it.

‘One Night Only’ allows only women to RSVP on Insider.in and receive an invite to the secret gig and bring along two of her friends, only one of whom can be male. Since the party is at an undisclosed location, guests will travel in buses provided by the organizers, to be picked up from the two pick up points in Mumbai – Colaba and Bandra – and brought to the venue. Once the event comes to an end, they will be dropped back to the same points.

An RSVP however, does not guarantee you an entry to the event. Only a select few will be handpicked by ONLY for the concert. The party will take place on Saturday, November 7. Girls can RSVP here! Stay tuned for more news and updates.