Despite an increase in security efforts, people were shot at the J’Ouvert Festival early in the morning.

The event, which is held as part of celebrating the Caribbean heritage, turned to chaos as shots were fired at 3.45 am just a few hours before the West Indian Day Celebration Parade.

(Image Credits: New York Daily News)

This year, organisers were given an official city approval for the festivities. But it turned sour as this year saw the same amount of bloodshed as the years before. Security was doubled, with loads of high-powered flood lights, security cameras and a tonne of police officers; but none of it proved to be of any help.

At least 4 people were shot and two were stabbed during the incident where a 17-year-old high school student and a 22-year-old girl lost their lives. The shooting erupted while cops were standing just a few feet away.

(Image Credits: New York Times)

There have been no arrests made as of yet and the shooter is still at large. Mayor Bill de Blasio said that the city would review the future of the predawn celebration before the West Indian Day Parade, but even with all the violent attacks taking place, a large number of people turned up to support the event.

Hopefully this is the last time the parade is disrupted by terror activities.

R.I.P. victims.