Videos, pictures, GIFs, stories… If you’re not feeling the Tomorrowland vibes already, all this should give you more than a head start, because Tomorrowland is finally here!

First off, Tomorrowland has a ridiculously large lineup this year, and with some really special performances expected this weekend, Tomorrowland 2016 is all set to deliver. Deadmau5 is going b2b with Eric Prydz. All the biggest DJs are coming along. It’s going to be one hell of a party!

There’s nobody better than GoPro to shoot promo videos. With their high-end Hero cameras and the drones they’re placed on, GoPro has breathtaking footage of everything you’d dream of. So, it comes as no surprise that their Tomorrowland video has over 9 million views, and you’ll know why by simply watching it here.

Now that’s worthy of this lovely little hand heart, the only thing that has remained constant in this ever-evolving EDM scene. This one’s from Hardwell’s set. (Did you notice the hand-heart-ception on the stage’s big screen?)

Fancied the GoPro movie a little less? How about a dose of after movies from the previous years? With every year, Tomorrowland seems to bump up the quality of their after movies, and at any festival, people will stick their tongue out, twerk and probably even kiss their partners when a big camera passes by, in hopes of appearing in the official after movie.

Just to put things into perspective for you, here’s the oldest Tomorrowland after movie, recorded from the 2005 edition.

Here’s how much it has evolved in 10 years. This one’s from 2015.

Why settle for only HD videos, when you can do 360? This video from 2014 is a mini after movie, and it’s as immersive as you can get!

Stories that you’ll remember for life are made at festivals like Tomorrowland. Here are a couple of examples sourced from the internet, where people have narrated their experiences.

And if you’re lucky, you’ll get to witness legendary moments like this one from 2014 when David Guetta completely lost his shit.

It’s time to take your squad out and showcase your exceptional dancing skills to a bunch of equally wasted ravers with a sick backdrop to make it look even better!

So, whether you’re in Boom right now, or you’re sitting at home watching it on the live stream, or you’re at a Unite event, Tomorrowland’s vibes reach out till the far ends of the galaxy, and you’ll still be able to feel them wherever you are. It’s not without reason that Tomorrowland is everyone’s dream festival (or at least on the bucket list), because these moments prove it all.