Get news for festival watchers. The mega famous tab is now a standalone app.

We can’t lie. We saw it coming. And it makes complete sense too. Every day, thousands of users find their way to the events tab on the mother-site and scroll through a list of all the happening dos around them. You might even say its quite the cool thing to label yourself as ‘Going’ so all your friends can marvel at your budding social life. Now, you have an app to help you find nearby things to do and keep you updated on where your friends whereabouts (pleasantly surprise them maybe?).

Presently available only for iOS devices, the experience of using the Events app is somewhat similar to the one on Facebook. You can browse event recommendations based on time, location, and your interests; find interesting events around you or in other places using an interactive map; or even scout out future events using a handy search tool. The app also provides a simplified view that shows only events, not mixing them in with videos, status updates, ads, and other social posts. Events also lets you add the calendar from your phone into the app to consolidate your schedule in one place. Check out the pictures below for a sneak peek.


Facebook has said that their ultimate goal, with this app, is to eliminate FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Although they aren’t going overboard with expectations, they hope to see the app catch on and become yet another Facebook-owned app to hit 1 billion users, joining WhatsApp, Messenger, and Facebook itself. 

Now you can be super sure that you’ll not miss your date with all the cool festivals and events lined up.