Su Real is back with his new 16 track fire album- Twerkistan! We take you through each track and give you a taste of what the bass lord has cooked up!

Delhi-based Suhrid Manchanda aka Su Real has been giving bass heavy music the Indian treatment for years now. He’s been one of the biggest influential names in making a contribution to the rise in the desi bass movement alongside biggies like Nucleya. He’s made a roaring comeback to the music scene with the release of his new 16 track ‘Twerkistan’. The album has been on the receiving end of a lot of attention from producers and fans all over the country even before it released. Once it got out, people couldn’t stop going cray-cray over it. The album sees Su Real stick to his desi roots while infusing them with some sick samples and heavy bass elements to create the perfect dance floor anthems.

We take a look at the tracks in the album and give you a song by song journey through ‘Twerkistan’!

The album starts out with the ‘Twerkistan’ anthem- ‘Twerkistan’. The track sets the tone for the madness that is about to follow. The track features vocals by Tanya Nambiar and opens with a metronome beat and sees a heavy drop. Halfway through the track, the beats go into double time and get things pumping. The song also features Su Real rapping and ultimately makes the track the hero of the album!


The next track in the list, ‘Soldiers’, sees Su Real give the track a dance hall treatment, something along the likes of Major Lazer. Accompanying vocals on the track are given by Tanya Nambiar and rap verses by General Zooz. The song has some hard hitting bass drops with sirens in the background in true dance hall fashion. ‘East-West Badman Rudeboy Mash up Ting’ sees various flute melodies coupled with break beat bass drops. The track, in its beats, almost has a jungle trap vibe to it! You’re treated to an aural orgasm throughout the song with varying tempos and beats!

‘Fitness Pump’ sees a really interesting start to the song which might make you chuckle at first. But Su Real has smartly sampled the old Hindi fitness products ads on TV. Once the ad ends, there’s an instant breakdown with some classic shehnai melodies giving it the perfect Indian twist. The hook coupled wit P-Man’s infectious bars will get you instantly hooked!

‘Jhook Gyal’ features a brilliant mix of hinglish rap by the talented Delhi native Karma! The song boasts of a moombathon vibe and has some heavy bass bombs dropped on your ears! Next up we have ‘Turban Shake’, which opens with “Don’t smoke dope, I don’t drink bourbon, all I want to do is shake my turban”. You get to know the song is going to be unique the minute you hear the opening line. The songs features bhangra beats in the background while some cleverly layered synth beats on the front line seamed together to create a perfect groovy mix! The drums and the percussion on the track is particularly what sets the song apart from the others.

‘Turn Up ‘ features Pune-based Ritviz playing the role of the perfect hype-man and once you add some larger than life drops to that, you’ve got the perfect party tune on your hands! ‘Thuggee’ sees Karma return again and take over the rap duties and still delivers some killer Hinglish bars and verses.

‘Axiomic Bounce’ sees a shift in tempo and style. The tempo adapts to a more mid-level speed and sees more of those desi influenced samples being stitched in perfectly with deep bass elements to create the perfect soundscape. ‘Sufi Salute’ manages to capture your attention right from the get-go with the opening “Allah Hu” chants and suddenly barrages you with some heavyweight drops sure to make you go wild!

‘Dum’ gets the tempo amped up again and samples the age old “Dum laga ke haisha” and gives it a perfect trap and bass treatment with a drop that is heavily infused with shehnai sounds. ‘Twerkistan’ is a testament to the fact that Su Real’s real artistry and craft lies in his ability to isolate the most seemingly random samples you can think of and creating a world of sounds around them. ‘Kabaddi’ opens with a kabaddi match commentary. The track is unique in the fact that the only words in the song are the ‘Kabaddi’ chant players say while playing. He drops a heavy bass line behind the wordings which will definitely make you fist pump the air!


‘Daku’ again opens with a monologue from a shady 90’s movie and picks up the tempo by several notches. The drops are heavy and the percussion variances are a blessing for those who love to headbang! Probably the most unique track in the album is ‘Pakis in Paris’ which is a no-brainer tribute to Jay-Z and Kanye West’s ‘Niggas in Paris’. The difference is here, he’s used tabla beats with vocal duties taken over by Charles Dickenson! Another bass heavy killer track.

As we approach the end of the album, we see another insanely thought out collaboration between Su and Mr.Doss! The track goes all out in getting in as many drops possible, going mental with the bass-y elements! ‘Rave Bust’ is a 12 minute long track that focuses on the rave scene and the constant condescending attitude of cops, the law and people in the society against raves. The track starts out with multiple news reports all over the country busting a lot of rave parties over the years. The track aims to show how the media bends the image of these parties and portrays them as a hindrance to the society. The song ends with some fun shaadi music coupled with the usual drops which turns out to be a surprisingly amusing combo!

All in all, Su Real has shown that he is a major contributing force to the Indian bass-movement. He’s put his heart and soul  into this album and that reflects in every single track on the album!