3 cities, 20+ shows. Join the ride as Emerge hits the road with a stellar calendar of gigs building up to the festival.  


This May, Pune, Delhi and Mumbai will stage a number of gigs leading up to the second round of the Emerge Festival.  With just about 10 days to go for proceedings to kick off in New Delhi, there are still a number of gigs you can catch before the big one. Check out the schedule below.

07-05-2015 Delhi Raasta HKV Karma Selekta & Mr Nobody
08-05-2015 Pune Euriska Koregaon Park Prateek Kuhad
08-05-2015 Delhi Raasta HKV Mojo Jojo
08-05-2015 Mumbai Bluefrog Lower Parel Talmasca
09-05-2015 Delhi Summerhouse HKV Motherfunk
09-05-2015 Pune Euriska Koregaon Park Anish Sood + Lost Stories + Joshi
09-05-2015 Mumbai Bluefrog Lower Parel DJ Ivan & Leon Russel
10-05-2015 Gurgaon Raasta Gurgaon Dinero & Tony
10-05-2015 Pune Euriska Koregaon Park Qwiver + Oozeundat
10-05-2015 Delhi Barsoom HKV Scott Hsu, Adam Rugnetta, Sava Boyadzhiev
10-05-2015 Mumbai Bluefrog Lower Parel Thomas Albert
12-05-2015 Mumbai Bluefrog Lower Parel Richard Rowlz, Leon Russel
13-05-2015 Mumbai Bluefrog Lower Parel  Lennart Altgenug, Hebe Jones , Chris Talao, Eran Har Even, Francesco Becker, Robin Van Rhijn
14-05-2015 Mumbai Bluefrog Lower Parel Laxmi Bomb, Twist To Break Seal, Wanted yesterday
15-05-2015 Pune Euriska Koregaon Park Voctronica
15-05-2015 Delhi Summerhouse HKV Mista Sanova, Delhi Sultanate & Begum X
16-05-2015 Delhi Raasta Gurgaon Mojo Jojo
16-05-2015 Pune Euriska Koregaon Park DJ Lokesh
16-05-2015 Delhi Barsoom HKV DJ Karma
17-05-2015 Delhi Raasta gurgaon Dinero & Tony
17-05-2015 Pune Euriska Koregaon Park Ashvin Mani Sharma
17-05-2015 Delhi Barsoom HKV Peter Cat Recording co.
20-05-2015 Mumbai Bluefrog Lower Parel Hebe Jones
21-05-2015 Mumbai Bluefrog Lower Parel  L’Entourloop


A wide range of artists will be performing across some of the hottest spots in the 3 cities and by joining this bandwagon, you can avail tickets for the festival at a 15% discount if you haven’t bought them already.


A band that has categorically denied labelling itself, AltJ have already shown India what they’re all about in Bangalore recently, and Delhi folk were awfully unlucky to miss out on the band after their show with fellow UK stars Rudimental was cancelled due to bad weather.

May 21 – Delhi

May 22 – Mumbai