Poland’s Woodstock Festival is in their 23rd edition and they have some great artists lined up! 

The Woodstock Festival, which happens every year in Poland, is touted as Europe’s largest open air festival. The festival openly preaches it’s motto which is “Love, Friendship and Music“. Organised by a Polish medical charity, the event is a way of expressing gratitude to the supporters of the cause and volunteers. The legendary Swedish band “Amon Amarth” has been roped in by the festival to put up a melodic metal madness!

Credits: swedishmetal.com

Credits: woodstockfestival.pl

Their music has been influenced by Viking folklore and culture and that reflects in the melodies that they use. Recent years at the festival have seen a wide range of genres being celebrated by the organisers and the people who attend as well. Over the years they’ve seen everything; from reggae to classical music and electronic music as well over their two stages.

Apart from the musical performances, there are a lot of activities that are held during the festival as well. At The Academy Of The Finest Arts, people get to meet some of the most influential people in the political field of Europe. The festival is going to take place in August 2017!

Next years Woodstock Festival is going to be a blast for sure!