If you can’t make it to Hyderabad on the 5th and 6th of November, then this is what you are going to miss out on. 

For a while now, everyone’s news-feed has been buzzing with news and updates about the Shillong Weekender that closed its curtains earlier this week, on 22nd October. Now, in the weeks leading up to the Hyderabad edition of the festival, we’ve decided to keep the buzz going. For the first time since its inception, the Weekender troupe is bringing its charm to Hyderabad, and they have pulled out all the stops to lure the crowd. Right from UK band Dinosaur Pile Up to indie rock legends Indian Ocean, there is a lot to look forward to. So, if you (or your friends) are still undecided, here is a little something to help you along:

1. Dinosaur Pile Up – 11:11

Image Source: www.itb.co.uk

The alternate rock band based in Leeds, UK, has been formed from the ashes of Matt Bigland’s old band Mother Vulpine. Bigland had been making songs while he was still in Mother Vulpine, and soon after the band broke up, he recruited Tom Dunford on bass and Steve Wilson on drums. In late 2008, Dinosaur Pile-Up released My Rock ‘n’ Roll and since, the band members have changed. Next month, the three-piece act, made up of lead singer and guitarist Matt Bigland, drummer Mike Sheils and bassist Jim Cratchley will be playing, and it would be a huge loss to miss out on them.

2. The Ska Vengers – Frank Brazil

Image Source: www.gqindia.com

India’s first ska band, The Ska Vengers, was formed in 2009 and it is hands down, one of the most fun indie acts to watch. Their music is a mix of ska, rocksteady, reggae, dub, jazz and punk with some Cuban and Latin influences thrown in. However, along with their music, it is the socially relevant themes that they introduce in their songs that make them such a great act. This particular song was made as a tribute to Indian revolutionary Udham Singh and it is a great treat for both your eyes and ears, much like their live performances.

3. Sandunes – Good To You

Image Source: www.levi.in

Probably one of the best electronic music artists in India, she is one of the first acts to show that electronic music can be more than just loud thumps. Mid-tempo electronica meets glitch, or as she describes it, “post-dubstep, future garage, whatever it’s called” that came out of her decision to replace keyboard with synth. ‘Good To You’ is what happens when her glitch beats meet Siddharth Basrur’s soulful vocals.

4. Nicholson – Cold Water

Image Source: www.bandcamp.com

It is difficult to put a label on Sohrab Nicholson’s music. Most of his songs stem from a jazz sensibility, thanks to his roots as a jazz musician. He creates electro-organic that is a perfect blend of husky tones and beautiful storytelling. He is one of those musicians who creates music you can’t seem to get enough off and he is always such a treat to catch live.

5. Until We Last – To Space and Back

Image Source: Facebook

‘Until We Last’ is a four-piece post-rock band based out of Bangalore. It started off as a one-man bedroom project of Ketan Bahirat, and bloomed into a full-fledged band in 2012, after roping in Ralston D’souza on drums, Chaithanya Jade on guitars and Paul Dharamraj on bass. In 2014, they released ‘Earthgazing’, an album that brought forward guitar-based instrumental pieces that features melodic bass lines and a heavy use of effects. The warm, reverb and delayed guitars that progress into a full-blown exuberance, when met by the steady grooves of the bass and drums, transports its listeners to a whole other dimension.

6. Spud In The Box – Maniac

Image Source: www.urbanasian.com

Mumbai-based Spud in the Box is a six-member alternative-rock band that was formed in 2011. Earlier this year, they dropped their debut album ‘Lead Feet Paper Shoes’, that they had been working on since 2014. Their debut EP titled ‘Attention Please’ brought critical acclaim from all corners. Last November, they released, ‘Maniac’, the first track from their album. The catchy melody and beautiful harmony captured the attention of their fans and kept them on the edge of their seat. But, anyone who heard their album will tell you, it was worth the wait.

7. Prateek Kuhad – Raat Raazi

Image Source: www.prateekkuhad.com

We doubt if he needs any sort of introduction, at all. The soulful music and subliminal lyrics of this Delhi-based singer-songwriter has captured the hearts of thousands, across the country. He creates songs that are simple, minimal boasting of a folksy-pop-rock influence. His songs are ones that make you want to curl up within a blanket and sip on some hot chocolate.