Get ready for an intimate encounter with dance music, adventure sports and yoga set in the most scenic location on the Leh Ladakh Highway, this September. As the newest festival added to the Indian roster, Paradise Festival aims to offer an experience like no other


1. The venue

One thing’s for sure, Paradise Festival’s venue is its prime USP. The first edition of the festival will be held in Sonamarg (from September 11th to 15th) which is 2-hour drive away from Srinagar and off the Leh Ladakh Highway. Imagine enjoying contemporary music, art and adventure in a lush valley cradled by majestic mountains. We can’t wait to see how it turns out.

ProTip : Come prepared for some gorgeous, nippy weather. The temperature is expected to be a pleasant 25 degrees during the day. During the evening and nights it can drop down to a chilly 8 degrees, with occasional, short showers.


2. Getting there

This all depends on your budget and your convenience. There are daily flights to Kashmir from most metros in the country. If you’re opting to take a train, you will have to get to Jammu and then take a bus or taxi to Srinagar. Fret not, there are plenty of state tourism buses, private taxis available from Jammu.  Although Srinagar is well-connected by roads, getting there by road maybe a little tricky, especially if you have time constraints. To get directions from Srinagar to the venue, email the organisers on Whichever you opt for, make sure you reach the Srinagar airport or the 11th or the 12th to avail of a shuttle bus service organised by the festival to take you to the venue. Once you arrive check the Paradise Festival help desk.

Remember : Pre-sale entry tickets include a free shuttle service from Srinagar airport to the festival venue & back to Srinagar. If you’re looking for a total packaged trip to the festival, contact the organisers on


3. What you can expect

The festival will host a variety of events tailored to your satisfaction. As for events, there will be tonnes of live dance music, healing and yoga workshops, a local cultural showcase and performing arts. The festival site will come with a fully-equipped camp-site, chill-out zone, a flea market and food stalls. To keep you occupied during the day, you will also be able to indulge in a variety of adventure sports ranging from river rafting, buggy rides, biking, boating, horse riding to trekking.


4. The music

The festival will feature electronic music ranging from deep house to techno to ambience and psytrance. Watch out for the exciting “ANKYTRIXX & Friends” showcase special an arena at the festival dedicated to a super-stylised music experience designed to move your heart and mind, curated by Ankytrixx himself. The line-up of artistes will include some well-respected live performers in the circuit like Priyanjana, Vijay Chawla, Oozeundat, Kohra, Neha Tolani and Starteq. The concept promises to add hours of back-to-back electronic music woven in with customised visual arts and décor against the backdrop of a beautiful landscape.

In terms of  Psytrance, there are a variety of homegrown and international talent on the roster like Ananda (Fusion Crafts Records – Guwahati), Audiogramme / Vial ( B.A.B.A Records – Delhi), Asad FreeAthmah (Foot Stomping Records – Mumbai), Bubble Guns (Medulla Oblongata Records – Calcutta ), Boombaba (Urban Distortion – Mumbai), Chromaderma (Mumbai), Dee (Electrovibe Productions – Guwahati), Fuzulu (Madjic Studio Recordings – Mumbai), Faders (Tip Records – Romania) , Kryll / Kryller (Goan Mantra / Zenon Records – Bangalore), Nishan (Digital Om Productions – Nepal), Nitin (Hilltop Records – Bangalore), Overtonez (Hybrid Uv – Goa), Sonic Species (Alchemy Records – UK), Spinal Fusion (Profound records – Mumbai) ,Starlab (Digital Om Productions – Delhi) and so many more!

What more do you want?

Paradise festival lineup


5. Accommodation

At Paradise you will have a choice between hotel and camping as forms of accommodation. While the campsite is within the festival venue, hotel accommodation is within 1-and-a-half km from the venue (5 mins from taxi/20 mins by walk/10mins by horse ride ). Taxis and horse rides will be readily available at all times. Depending on your pocket, prices of hotel rooms (for 3 days) range from Rs 12,000 to Rs 21,000 and will come with Wi-Fi, room service and the works.

As far as camping goes, it is definitely the cheaper option. Prices range from Rs 2000 to Rs 3000 for 3 days accompanied by 24 hours food stalls, gender specific showers and toilets, and nightly bonfires. We would definitely recommend this for those of you who want to experience the outdoors to the fullest.

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