Eminem has a long history of collaborating with famous pop stars, from Rihanna to Ed Sheeran, the real slim shady doesn’t have a problem being on a pop song at all. Infact some of his most popular songs are with pop artists; Love the way you lie by Eminem and Rihana has over 2 Billion views!

So it won’t be a surprise if he collaborates with Post Malone sometimes. And it might already be happening, as Cole Benett, the director and mastermind behind Lyrical Lemonade recently posted a story that had the M&Ms figure along with Post Malone’s iconic barbed wire bat in his hands. He also had a speculative face emoji, hinting towards something.

The second piece of the puzzle was the singer and songwriter White Gold. He has done songs with Eminem and had already told the press about a possible Post Malone and Eminem song. According to him, he had a song that was perfect for the two artists.

If this turns out to be true, and if Cole Benett is really hinting towards a Post and Eminem featured song, get ready for it. These two giants have the capability to make one of the greatest song of this year!

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