The much anticipated Whole Lotta Red album from Playboi Carti finally dropped last year. The fans were eagerly waiting for Carti’s return, since his debut album he has become a prominent figure in the rap industry. His baby voice and one-of-a-kind flows have made him pretty popular.

That being said this popularity doesn’t guarantee success every time, WLR wasn’t the best playboi Carti album. Not even close to his best work, but still the fans wited for years!

The albums out now and people have mixed reviews, and just like any other artist, Playboi also wanted to drop a deluxe. So where is the deluxe?

Whole Lotta Red deluxe

Playboi Carti made many cryptic tweets announcing his deluxe album. Everyone felt like it was going to drop soon, as Carti was making fans choose their favorite songs for the deluxe. But it was all a waste of time, as he didn’t drop the deluxe.

There are multiple reasons why he might’ve decided to hold on to the deluxe. The most prominent being the quality. WLR was not great, it wasn’t even good. All the beats were genric and Carti showed no improvement since his last venture. This disappointed many. So maybe he’s working on the deluxe right now. Or he might’ve just scrapped the entire deluxe project due to the negative reviews.

Lil Uzi Vert after dropping eternal atake, rather than dropping the deluxe, dropped LUV vs The World 2, which had a totally different vibe to it. Maybe Playboi Carti is trying to pull something like that off.

Until Carti gives us more information, all we can do is speculate. Till then there is a lot of new music coming, J Cole just announced his final album. Make sure to read about it here