When you consider home entertainment these days it is likely to involve the internet in some form. Of course, there are board games, books, DVDs, and CDs,to play, but home entertainment is more likely to be connected to the internet than ever.

Last year, in 2020, and to some extent in 2021, many people found themselves stuck indoors and bored due to an enforced lockdown. This led to much higher use of the internet than before. Whether it was to read the news, play video games, stream music or movies, or watch funny YouTube clips, the internet was there to entertain.

One section of the net that many people discovered for the first time during the last 12 months was online casinos. If you carry on reading below, you will see why these gaming sites might be the best form of home entertainment there is. 

They are highly convenient and easy to access

The internet is readily available for most people these days. Whether you are using mobile data, hot-spotting off of someone else’s WiFi, or you have your own router at home, you likely have some form of access to the net.

This allows you to connect to a variety of entertainment platforms with ease. It is this convenience coupled with the popularity of casinos that makes their online cousins so good. Last year in 2019, 44% of adult Americans visited a land-based casino. This quite staggering number means that there is already a huge market for casinos, and when you add in the convenience of the internet, the online versions make great home entertainment.

No one has to travel anymore to play casino games such as craps, baccarat, or roulette. They can simply log in and play at home. 

They are not solo activities

Of course, you can play single deck blackjack or slot machines alone, but you can also play with others. Tournaments for poker online let you play with people all over the States or even further. Bingo lets you join up with others for games, and these sites often have chat features to replicate the social element of bingo halls.

Lots of poker games allow players to invite their friends to the table, meaning that distances or social restrictions are not an issue. 

There are tie-ins and themed games

Many of the games, especially slot machine type games, have themes. Instead of standard slots, you could play games linked to movies, characters, or TV shows. Some games have themes including, superheroes, Bonnie & Clyde, Las Vegas, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, sports, and even Gordon Ramsey Hell’s Kitchen.

Additionally, there are a tremendous variety of games to play. When you think of the different types of online casino games you might think of poker, roulette, and blackjack, but all of these games have several versions on these websites. If you get tired of these you can move on to sic bo, baccarat, or virtual sports. 

Casinos are making use of VR and virtual sports

Casinos make great use of technology, and one area they are exploring more is VR and virtual sports.

Virtual reality allows players to don a headset and then head into a rendered casino while never leaving their home. This takes online casinos to another level of home entertainment and allows interaction with other players, and possibly dealers and cashiers. Virtual casinos turn the online gambling experience into something closer to an immersive video game.

Virtual sports are another way to enjoy this form of entertainment and this area now encompasses much more than just horses and dogs. While there is indeed virtual horse racing in casinos, there is also a much wider selection to choose from.

Virtual MMA, basketball, football, speedway, and tennis, are all available. This means that even when the football season is over or horse racing is called off, there are still virtual events to enjoy.

Online casinos are truly 24/7, 365 days a year home entertainment. 

They don’t have to cost any money

Whereas your Spotify account, Netflix subscription, and Playstation Plus, all demand cash for their entertainment, online casinos don’t.

This might sound strange but when you are asking yourself how much money should you deposit in an online casino, the answer may be zero. Many online casinos, blackjack apps, and slot machine games are all free to play or have demo games.

You could register with an online casino and then play demo versions of their slot machines without the need to deposit any cash. Similarly, there are many free-to-play blackjack and poker apps, some with online multiplayer games.

It is this free-to-play arrangement that helps to make online casino namizne igre such a good form of entertainment. 

Live dealer casinos are now all the rage

After discovering that there are VR casinos you might think that’s as far as they can push the games for realism. However, they are also adopting cameras and other technology along with professional dealers to bring live games to your home.

Nowadays, many online casinos are employing live dealers to bring a more authentic atmosphere to home gaming. Immersive roulette, sic bo, blackjack, and original games are all hosted by professional casino dealers and streamed live into your living room.

Connecting your device to an HD 4K monitor means you can truly enjoy a home casino experience while sitting in your comfiest chair. 


Online casinos offer a huge variety of free and paid-for gaming options. The convenience of these platforms is obvious when you consider that over three billion people have smartphones these days, and they can all connect to the internet with ease. 

The technology used means that online casinos are no longer just simple slot machines but have complex, virtual games with high-quality graphics and AI. Along with the home entertainment value, there is also the chance of actually making some money too.

There are sign-up bonuses for new players and free games. Also, if you are skilled enough, you could combine basic strategy with blackjack to try and take the casino to the cleaners, which will certainly add some extra value to your entertainment.