Following last year’s fiasco, ‘Zookeepers’ to help festival-goers with any medical emergencies that may arise


After the tragic death of two Electric Zoo festival attendees last year, co-creators Mike Bindra and Laura DePalma realized the need to create a safer environment for future festival attendees. While it’s extremely unfortunate that these deaths were found to be linked with illegal substance use, the co-creators are trying to make amends by forming a safety and awareness group known as the zookeepers. 


In spite of last year’s deadly occurrences, Binda and dePalma are determined to bring it back this year, but this time with more safety measures than before. Recently, they came out with a mandatory anti-drug screening video and decided to ban CamelBak water packs as they are seen as a way to store illicit substances.


The creators recognize that attendees may need medical attention, so a group of med students will be on hand. College-aged medics help blur the lines between the authorities and attendees, since these medics are typically close in age to attendees. This new approach may make individuals actually get the help they need without having to fear getting into any trouble.

Electric Zoo is set to take place between 29th – 31st August at Randall’s Island Park, New York City. Check out the official EZoo Trailer below, and if you’re planning to head to this spectacular festival, click HERE to buy your tickets.