In an incredible campaign to prevent the use of illegal substances at festivals, Electric Zoo does something no festival has ever done before. 

molly 2

Electric Zoo, the yearly festival held in New York, is taking a bold approach and speaking out directly against the use of drugs at events. Following the untimely deaths of two of its attendees last year, it seems appropriate that E Zoo make this statement.

The campaign is titled “Come to Life,” which includes a PSA (Public Service Advertising)-style video that concert-goers will have to watch prior to activating their wristbands.

Produced by the creator of Dexter, James Manos, Jr. the short video involves a guy, completely soaked in his own sweat – tripping out at a concert on some illicit substance that you can apparently brush your teeth with. Eventually he loses his chances with a cute girl, and the video ends abruptly with the message “Don’t miss the moment, Be Present” 

Read more about it HERE.

This being a leaked video scooped off Reddit, we can expect many more advertisements on their way. Don’t really know how successful this will be, or how much of a difference the video will make on the festival goer, but finally, somebody has taken a step forward, even though it’s through a short advertisement. Kudos to Team EZoo.