We are almost at a loss for words to describe the Sziget Festival, which recently concluded in Budapest, Hungary. The week-long musical extravaganza not only witnessed genre-bending performances, but also offered fringe benefits such as spellbinding dance acts, theatres gigs and art installations for people to enjoy.

1. Man-ning up

Who said that only girls own the exclusive right to the coveted shoulder-seat?
(Image courtesy: Szigetfestival/CsudaiSándor)

1. CsudaiSándor_Low

2. Too mutt love

What could be better than having your pet cheer, err, bark for your favourite band!
(Image courtesy: Szigetfestival/CsudaiSándor)

3. CsudaiSándor_Low

3. Junkyard groove

Just like how art can be trash sometimes, trash, too, can make terrific art sometimes.
(Image courtesy: Szigetfestival/CsudaiSándor)

4. CsudaiSándor_Low

4. Crowning glory

Who said that the floral tiaras must rest on the head of a pretty girl? Pretty guys are most welcome too!
(Image courtesy: Szigetfestival/MohaiBalázs)

6. MohaiBalázs_Low
5. Hip hippo hurray

You know there are probably only a handful of places in the world where you can ride, and flaunt your hippo ride with unabashed aplomb. (Image courtesy: Szigetfestival/MózsiGábor)

7. MózsiGábor_low

6. Right angle

We told you, didn’t we, that Sziget is not just for music fanatics?
(Image courtesy: Szigetfestival/CsudaiSándor)

1. CsudaiSándor_Low1

7. Just sticking around

Now, how often do you get a chance to see something like this.
(Image courtesy: Szigetfestival/MózsiGábor)
9. MózsiGábor_low2

8. Dunk it!

A pond to dive into after a long day of running around from one stage to another? Yes, please!
(Image courtesy: Szigetfestival/CsudaiSándor)

10. CsudaiSándor_low

9. Vow down

Happy music and twinkling stars make for a perfect setting to exchange the vows with your beloved, it seems.
(Image courtesy: Szigetfestival/CsudaiSándor)

11. CsudaiSándor18_low

10. For the record

Even if you can’t make it to Mt Everest in this lifetime, no one’s stopping you from expressing your desire to reach the summit oF the whole wide world.
(Image courtesy: Szigetfestival/CsudaiSándor)

12. CsudaiSándor1221_low

11. Twinkle down effect

Don’t feel like catching the heavy metal band playing at that stage? Never mind, we have just the perfect space for you to chill out. And it happens to be under a canopy of twinkling fairy lights.
(Image courtesy: Szigetfestival/CsudaiSándor)

13. CsudaiSándor1293_low

12. Go bananas

Yes, the festival encourages you to go whatever you want to go!
(Image courtesy: Szigetfestival/CsudaiSándor)
14. CsudaiSándor1717_low

13. Rock stars

If a giant rocking bench is your idea of fun, then you really missed out on something at this festival.
(Image courtesy: Szigetfestival/CsudaiSándor)
15. CsudaiSándor_Low