EA (Electronic Arts) are reportedly trying to strike a merger deal with the likes of Disney and Amazon. EA has a great many developers and gaming properties under its belt; from sports titles like Madden NFL and FIFA to BioWare-developed RPGs like Mass Effect and Dragon Age

Microsoft and Sony have spent the last year acquiring game studios; Sony spent its money to add five more names to its portfolio ;but Microsoft went all out when it completed a $7.8 billion acquisition of Elder Scrolls studio Bethesda; and then followed it up with the bombshell purchase of Activision/Blizzard; in one of the most expensive deals in entertainment yet.

Research firm Enders said that Sony might fancy acquiring EA, saying it’s, “likely to be the favorite.” However, if Sony chooses to be conservative, and doesn’t want to splurge, it could view Ubisoft and possibly Take-Two as cheaper options.

Handler, another research firm, believes that Disney might bid for EA and it would be, “A great way for Disney to build upon its digital future and for [CEO] Bob Chapek to step outside Bob Iger’s shadow would be to buy EA.”

The firm also said that combining EA Sports and ESPN could open up lucrative opportunities.

Apple has held talks with Electronic Arts about purchasing the company.

The news, which comes from a report from Puck, suggests that there were many “potential suitors” to take over the video game giant, including Amazon and Disney.

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