SXSW pulled yet another one for their 30th anniversary, when chart-topper Drake made an appearance to close out the Fader Fort arena at the festival, after a good showcase by his fellow label mates from OVO Sound!


While the hip hop artist wasn’t scheduled to be a part of the line up at all, there were rampant rumours spreading that the Canadian-born rapper would make an appearance on the night of March 19. Well, those rumours turned out to be true!

The rapper performed a variety of songs from his mixtape If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, and from his upcoming album Views From The 6. Starting off with Know Yourself and Energy, he moved on to his smash hit hotline Bling, before unleashing some more songs like Jumpman and his Meek Mill diss, Summer Sixteen.

Along with his surprise gig, Drake confirmed the release of his album, stating that it will come out in “I don’t know how many weeks.” Well, we’ll have to wait to find out!