Big Year For Nasha.
DJ Nasha is well known throughout India and abroad for playing a huge part in the dance music scene in the country. He has been producing new music in the last year and plans to put out a brand new EP soon. But that’s not all, he is also doing a ‘Mighty Horns’ 3 City Tour’ with Social Offline in Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi! 
The tour kicks off with Nasha performing at Todi Mill Social on the 23rd of this month! With more dates to be announced soon, things are only looking up for this talented artist.

His bass heavy tone influences from Bollywood and Indian classical music can be spotted in his new track “Mighty Horns”. The DJ came up with this song about 5 years ago but happened to lose it. Now, he managed to get it back on track, after applying finishing touches on it. The music video is nothing short of word – EPIC! Remember his eternal remix of Flute Fantasy? It is still played all over the world. The new melody is going to be on your mind all day long.

Check out the new “Mighty Horns” video by Nasha here below:

You can check out his Facebook page here and Soundcloud page here for more updates!