Unlike neighboring cities in the Californian state, Indio – home of Coachella, maintains its rigid norm and bans the sale and public consumption of Marijuana.

Weed was declared legal in the state of California as of January 1st, 2018, however, local authorities have the right to either allow or ban the sale & distribution within its own authoritative boundaries, and guess who’s going to be Mr. No Reefers? – Indio, the home of Coachella Music & Arts Festival. Local authorities maintain that they will stand against the law supporting the use of marijuana, and although Coachella is organised on a separate property, it seems like the festival will abide by the law and refrain its attendees from “smoking up”.

A glimpse at the frequently asked questions section on Coachella’s website will tell you that the organisers aren’t kidding about the ban!

What’s your take on the No-Marijuana policy of Coachella?

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