Funny and talented, a combination we absolutely love. The Sherp got chatty with Third Party at TIMEOUT 72 in Goa.

British progressive house DJ duo Jonnie Macaire and Harry Bass, a.k.a. Third Party, were everything we love about EDM at the TIMEOUT 72 Festival in Vagator, Goa. Performing on the final day of the festival, 29th December 2017, Third Party set the Majoris stage alight with their set.

After meeting at school thanks to their mutual interest in music production, they began their musical career as producers by releasing singles and remixes. Today, they have their own record label, Release Records, which they founded in 2015, in partnership with Armada Music. Third Party are also resident DJs at Ministry of Sound club.


The Sherp got to catch up with the DJs at TIMEOUT 72 and here’s what they had to say:

Q – You know each other for so many years. You’ll have been childhood friends and now you are professional partners. How have you managed to retain your music sensibilities and agree on what kind of music to make?

A – We don’t. We don’t agree one bit. It’s one big lie. You learn from each other about how to act in certain situations and you both sort of move forward from there. When you have a conflict, you work it out. And the next time it happens, you both know how to sort of get around it. It’s good having a bit of friction, because, hopefully, you make the best you can with the music. Lots of small arguments. We argue less now, so I guess it means we are progressing in the right way.

Q – How does it feel to be in India for your fans at TIMEOUT 72?

A – Wicked. It’s odd because we have literally come from Christmas dinner *laughs*. From England to India.; so it’s a mad transition. But we love the energy here; the people and the culture. They give us so much energy, you can’t help but have a good time.

Q – What is it about TIMEOUT 72 that made you want to be a part of it?

A – Well, we saw the line-up, and it’s huge! It’s a lot of people, which means it’s going to be a good one.

Credits: RVR 16

Q – If you could collaborate with any artist on the TIMEOUT 72 roster, who would it be?

A – We have collaborated with Martin (Garrix), and that’s 1/5th of the line-up *laughs*. We really like Don Diablo, Lucas & Steve and Justin Mylo. We know them all fairly well, and they’re all nice guys. We can play with them all.

Q – Any pre-performance rituals that you guys follow before getting on stage?

A – No. We’re very last minute. We’ve actually chosen our set in the car while on the way here. It’s nor a ‘ritual’ ritual, but it’s something we do before every gig.

Q – So now 2018 has just begun, what’s in store for your fans?

A – A lot. We’ve got our label, which has got a lot of new music. They’re a couple of new artists we’re pushing with the label, so that’s exciting for us. As for Third Party, there is a lot of new music. We’ve been working hard in the studio for about 3 months now. We’re just working out how we’re going to do it all, but we’re really excited for 2018. There’s enough music to do an album if we want to, but we’re trying to work out the best way to release it. Honestly, we love doing albums, so it’s going to be really hard not to do that again.


Q – Any big festivals that you guys are scheduled to play at?

There are a couple in Spain. For us, we do shows in England, our label nights, and that’s a big focus for us. We’ve had our own shows in the UK and they’ve been so great, so now want to go big with all of them. Maybe take them abroad as well.