And the bed sheets continue to smell of you!

Ever since “Shape Of You” came out, we just can’t seem to get that tune out of our heads! We’ve got the grooves back into our body and it’s all due to Ed Sheeran’s highly successful return to music! The singer’s latest album has been winning hearts not just in the UK but all over the world! We have seen a tonne of covers by enthusiastic fans and we are always hungry for more!

This time, it’s a group of Odissi dancers in colourful costumes and ghunghroos. The video was shot at heritage locations in Bhubaneswar. Apart from being a visual treat for the eyes, the sound of ghunghroos harmonizes with the song and makes you believe that art has no language! Watch it below:

These girls cannot stop grooving to the catchy song, too! This cover went viral and you have to watch it to see why! The dance moves will get you on your toes, as you slip into your dancing shoes!

The video of IIT-Roorkee students dancing to the song went viral  thanks to their sick dance moves and a well directed video attempt by these to-be-engineers, who try to tell a story. Meanwhile, the song continues to be a party banger!

Chances are, you have not missed this epic bhangra cover! Canada’s Maritime Bhangra Group posted a video on their channel and we love it! These bhangra dancers bring the flavour of Punjab with the remixed version of “Shape Of You.” And guess what? This is for a good cause, in support for awareness of Multiple Sclerosis!