Here’s how The Do LaB alters whatever environment they touch!


Based in Los Angeles, The Do LaB is a company known for a lot of things. They use skilled design and stimulating visions to create structures, unique stages and artistic lighting design. They specialize in interactive environments, event production and a lot more to create experience as an art form. The Do LaB team aims to bring their visions to life with the use of natural materials, found objects and sustainable resources – taking the term ‘organic’ to another level altogether!

Twin brothers Jesse and Josh Flemming, along with a group of starving artists found a downtown LA warehouse where they threw parties. They eventually turned things around into a legit business.

Apart from building large-scale art installations at several events, they also promote concerts and throw festivals. Here’s how they deliver incredible environments for festivals – the videos speak for themselves!


Lightning In A Bottle

This music festival that takes place in Southern California seeks to promote sustainability, social cohesion, personal health, and creative expression – much like the mission of The Do Lab. It is an eclectic mix of art, music and culture with music performances, yoga classes, group meditation and other attractions. All these good vibes are indeed a journey worth preparing for. This is your chance to explore more of the world, the people in it and what’s inside yourself – to nurture your mental health. The video gave us chills!



Here is an extraordinary footage of Coachellafest. Held in California each year, Coachella is a three-day music and arts festival. Featuring many music genres like rock, electronic and hip-hop, it has multiple stages continuously hosting live music. The Do LaB provides a visual treat to the attendees walking in. The video is an amazing representation of the event. Coachella undoubtedly has one of the most incredible gatherings in the world! A domain for peace and love, the video gives you chills and gets you craving to experience this wonderful festival!