Here are some outrageously ridiculous DJ names you must know of!


While their music may (probably not) be something worth hearing, their names just plain suck. Hopefully this list will help them reconsider.

1. DJ Blow

Ermahgerd, this is possibly the worst name to have considering how dance music is being negatively linked with drugs these days. Seriously, what was this guy thinking? Unless, of course his music blows. Then it would be appropriate.

2. DJ Scratchatory Rape

Just. Not. Cool. This name is worthy of a Public Service Announcement. Parents, don’t let your kids anywhere near this guy!  Anyone who thinks this is a good DJ name needs therapy or a swift kick in the face.

3. Touched By A DJ

What? Like he’s god? Buzzfeed has rated this name as one of the top 100 Best DJ names. And while we all love Buzzfeed, The Sherp has to vehemently disagree. Apart from it being mildly offensive, it can also come off as creepy.

4. DJ CrayCray

Dammit, Kanye West. Look what you’ve done.

5. DJ Food & Ryan Gosling

We all love food. We all love Ryan Gosling too. We hate this name. This DJ has made it obvious that he wants the name to stick. Unfortunately for him, he is probably not going to be as popular as food OR Ryan Gosling.