What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear ‘EDM’? Dancing, flashing lights, partying and loads of fun? Yes, all these seem legit. But things can get pretty weird around here. Some EDM videos incorporate elements that don’t seem to relate to the audio of the track in any way whatsoever. Instead of highlighting the track and its lyrics, these videos fixate on the shock value. Here goes…


1. Levels : Avicii

This just had to be #1 on the list. Levels may have been the song of the year in 2011, but we cannot say the same about its music video. We’re not sure where Avicii was headed with this one. Well, we just wish this video was a little more… normal. But then again, what’s attractive about normalcy?


2. Larele – Meneo

What the actual f**k? If you ever wondered what the definition of insanity is, here you have it. There’s a high probability you will feel dizzy in the middle of this video. It requires some level of genius to make a video like this. There is no way a sober mind could have made this video. Kids, drugs are bad, m’kay?


3. Da Funk – Daft Punk

You’re probably wondering ‘Da Funk did I just watch?’ A human-sized dog with a broken foot carrying a boombox around? Even though it’s unnatural, the video sends out a positive message – no matter what this dog went through, the one thing that mattered to him the most, his music, kept him going!


4. Pon De Floor – Major Lazer

Believe it or not, this is how some people dance in Jamaica. The video could be slightly traumatizing for some of you. Whatever these guys smoked, it was either too much or just not enough.


5. Put Your Hands Up For Detroit – Fedde Le Grand

Just before EDM blew up, it was videos like these circulating around that got a lot of new fans into the genre. No idea what this video has to do with Detroit but who cares? Because screw logic.