This looks incredibly fun!

For those of you who don’t know, Decibel Festival, Seattle has earned the reputation of being one of America’s best interactive electronic, visual art and new media festivals out there. Over the years, Decibel has booked around 800 artistes from varying backgrounds of dance music and visual art. This years edition has just begun, with some of the most talented underground IDM and EDM artists showcasing their work.

Now, Decibel is as much a music festival as it is a music conference. Live art, performance and showcases in regard to dance music are pretty much the Holy grail of the event.

This year, the hard working folk at Microsoft are showcasing the Cube – an interactive art installation built with multiple PCs, projectors and Kinect sensors to create an dance-y experience like no other . Let us break it down for you, the Cube (that will not be used to sell) requires participants to dance in front of it. After which it detects and reacts to their moves and music hence tracing out exactly how their movements on-screen.

The really cool part? The Cube can detect up to three people dancing on every side and also lets each participants see each other through it.

“Participants stand in front of the giant structure and the Cube reacts, pulsating to music and tracing the movements of those around it. The Kinects can read up to three people on each side, and you can see others through the Cube, which acts as a portal, virtually connecting people who are separated in physical space.”

Just imagine a bunch of these scattered around more dance arenas, festivals and outdoor venues, it could really enhance experiences.

What how it actually works, below.

Information via : Microsoft

Cover picture courtesy : Scott-Eklund and Microsoft