We’ve all been there and we need to talk about it

We’re a 100% sure that you’ve come across that one individual at a festival who’s killing the vibe at a rapid rate. It could be the really tall person in front of you or that drunk person grilling you and your life like a Spanish Inquisition. We’ve complied a few suggestions that you could try and follow to keep that one person from ruining your festival experience once and for all!

1. Take A Deep Breath

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Although it seems like nothing is going to stop this person from filming the entire performance on their cell phone, there’s no reason to lose your anger while trying to take in the music. Just let that oxygen in and maybe give them a little shove to prove your annoyance.

2. Try To Distract Yourself

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As lame as it sounds, this does help. When you’re in a group, it is easier to just turn over to your friends and have a conversation about said annoying person who keeps trying to shove you while standing close to the stage. Nothing strengthens friendship than coming together and spilling some deets.

3. Move Away

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If the situation gets messy a.k.a someone puking because they can’t handle their liquor intake, move away. This is beneficial for you as you don’t need to inhale that vile stench and may even end up getting a better spot to see the stage. Plus, you could move around in case you need a drink or some munchies.

4. Give Them ‘The Look’

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This one is tried and tested by yours truly. People often get conscious if you give them a judgmental look-down especially when they know they are in a public space. Master the meanest stank face you’ve got (and you have one, its buried deep inside that little happy soul) and unleash it on that S.O.B to its max!


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Some times you just can’t take it anymore AND YOU NEED TO SHOW IT! We back you up man, go wild!