Dance music’s favourite anti-hero Deadmau5 is all set to launch something he has been practicing for since, well, he opened a Twitter account. An insult-comedy festival is in the pipeline!

The “Strobe” hit maker hasn’t come up with a name yet, but Roastmice has been trending in forums around the internet. Our guess is as good as yours!


“140 characters just doesn’t cut it, man,” stated the mau5 when asked about his latest development. While several rumours are doing the rounds on what’s going to happen at the extravaganza, a few of them are pretty concrete plans.

As opposed to the main stage which will feature live roasts of artists that Deadmau5 has owned on Twitter (the list is really long), there will be a heavy metal stage, because Deadmau5 promised to play a gnarly heavy metal set during his Ultra performance, but he didn’t.

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Will he bring Slayer for real this time? (Courtesy: The Independent)

As for the art installations at the upcoming festival, screenshots of his tweets against several DJs and producers will be printed and displayed on gigantic frames, along with a few mouse heads here and there. Disney has already started drawing comparisons to Disneyland, and stated that they will sue the mau5 soon for copyright infringement related to their most beloved character, Mickey Mouse.

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Security is going to be tight at the yet-to-be-decided venue though, as phones will be checked for instances of Jack U’s album, and will be confiscated if any media related to Jack U or Justin Bieber is found.

Stay tuned for lineup announcements (we’re really hoping Kanye West makes it) and other related information!