The founder of Insomniac Events (the guys behind EDC and Beyond Wonderland), Pasquale Rotella took to his website to announce a number of things regarding future plans for his company.

Announcement number 1: EDC isn’t coming back to Puerto Rico, and Beyond Wonderland isn’t coming to the Bay Area. Fret not; the founder addressed this statement by saying that he wants to focus on more events and more places. Though, all’s not lost in the Bay. Pasquale added: “And don’t worry, Bay Area: We’ve still got BOO!, Audio on the Bay, and We Are NRG planned for you, plus a few other announcements on the horizon.”

Announcement number 2: EDC Japan is going to be delayed. Pasquale specified his reason for the same. “It’s just not the right time.” We hope EDC comes to Japan as soon as possible though, because it’ll only mean more growth in the Asian EDM industry!


(Courtesy: Ticketmaster)

Announcement number 3: The founder has promised longer set times for DJs performing at his festival, which is a welcome move! Stated Pasquale, “Part of what’s so magical about dance music is the ability for a DJ to take listeners on a journey. We want to give DJs the opportunity to do that, so you’ll definitely be seeing longer set times this year.”

Announcement number 4: Brand-new festivals are coming to the USA in 2017! The founder also promised that some of these would have camping too! Given Insomniac’s experience in the festival world, we couldn’t be more excited at the prospect!

Announcement number 5: Insomniac Records will make a return! The founder has asked readers to stay tuned for the onslaught of releases coming their way!


(Courtesy: Facebook)

Kudos to the founder of Insomniac for his forward-thinking ideas!