We knew behind the trolling personality, there is a generous Deadmau5 !

If I asked you to name one of the most interesting artists to follow on Twitter, you would come back with a condescending smile and say ” Ofcourse, Deadmau5!”. Besides being totally straightforward and genuinely talented, Deadmau5 is someone who is always willing to accept new talent and, in this case, even help to train them and co-produce an album!

BoMason, who is the lucky vocalist and music producer in question, has 1608 followers on SoundCloud and his most played song “Evolve” has total 158K views.

Deadmau5 has tweeted about BoMason to more than 3 million fans and attached the link to his Reddit account where he has appreciated BoMason’s “natural talent”. He wishes to help this natural talent fly high without sticking to the “move to LA” misconception of getting famous. So, he has proposed an offer that if fans can help BoMason hit up to 1 million plays on SoundCloud, Deadmau5 will “fly him to mau5trap and co-produce an album”!


We think someone’s dreams are going to come true! Given Deadmau5’s popularity and BoMason’s talent, we might just be days away from a co-production of the two for a full fledged album! BoMason has a large audience backing up for him. Deadmau5 has admitted that the style and music isn’t particularly his cup of tea but he “can still recognize talent when he sees it” and is ready to make some really interesting stuff with this New Jersey native.

 Clearly, BoMason’s  is at the top of the world and just hoping to quickly reach a million views  !

Let’s support talent, here !