The party don’t start till TIMEOUT walks in!

Day 1 of TIMEOUT 72 surely enthralled and blew our minds off with their massive setup and fabulous lineup of artists! However, there’s more to the party than just at the venue; and if you missed out on the after-party yesterday, here is a helpful guide to tell you just where to head if you want to party late into the wee hours if you haven’t already had a TIMEOUT 72 O.D! Check out the listings below:

Las OlasMarbela Beach Resort, and Club LPK (Love Passion Karma) are hot-spots for Goan people on any night of the week. Known for the pristine location, decor, music, food and more, these three places are sure to keep you entertained through the night! What’s more, a phenomenal lineup of artists awaits you at these clubs as well, so rest assured that you will have the best 72 Hours of your life while at TIMEOUT 72!

Check out Las Olas on Facebook hereMarbela Beach Resort on Facebook here and Club LPK on Facebook here.

For entry and other details, check out the event pagesLas Olas, Marbella Beach Resort and Club LPK.

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