After Daft Punk pulled from the show, Stephen Colbert holds an epic ‘Get Lucky’ dance party!

The French electronic music duo, Daft Punk, was scheduled to perform on the late-night program The Colbert Report as part of Stephen Colbert’s annual music festival ‘StePhest Colbchella’ (which is a play on the Coachella Festival). However, there was a contractual conflict as MTV had an exclusive agreement with Daft Punk to make no television appearances before the MTV Video Music Awards that will take place later this month.

In response to Daft Punk canceling their appearance on the show, Colbert got Hugh Laurie (protagonist of House), Bryan Cranston (better known as Walter White), comedian and actor Jimmy Fallon, Matt Damon and others to participate in a dance montage.

Here’s the hilarious video of the actors performing to ‘Get Lucky’ on The Colbert Show.

The Colbert Report
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