Submerge Entertainment is bringing down Israeli psychedelic master – DJ Skazi this September!

is getting down DJ Skazi to India for a three-city tour! DJ Skazi, better known as Ashwer Swissa, needs no introduction! The Israeli producer is a genuine trance artist from the premier league of trance creators in the world. He has been producing a distinct style of hardcore dance floor trance music since 1998.

In September 2000, he released his first trance album ‘Animals’ which dramatically exploded in the worldwide trance scene with its revolutionary sound and direction. He brings an innovative twist to trance by combining live guitar riffs with storming sounds thanks to his previous local punk and hardcore background. Ever since its release, Skazi has been in demand for his music and live shows everywhere! In March 2002, he released his second album ‘Storm’ – which literally took the dance music world by storm and established Skazi at the top!

Skazi has released over 100 tracks in over 40 albums or compilations distributed worldwide. He has played all across the world at many of the big raves to a crowd of thousands! Skazi is without doubt unique in his genre.

Block the following dates on your calendar:

September 6 – 8, 2013


Here are some hard-hitting electronic tracks by DJ Skazi:

Skazi – Hit & Run

Skazi – Anarchy


Skazi – I Like To Move It


Skazi – Talking About Love


Skazi – My Way