The Sherp tells you some surprising facts about Kaskade that you perhaps didn’t know.


Sunburn has announced the illustrious Kaskade as the headliner for the Season Opening Party for their massive 7th season celebrations! Here are some interesting things you probably didn’t know about Kaskade:

1. Ryan Raddon took his stage name ‘Kaskade’ from looking at a nature book. He saw the picture of a waterfall and decided ‘cascade’ was a good name. However, his wife worried it would remind people of the dish detergent, so he changed the spelling!

2. He used to run a record store in Salt Lake City called ‘Mechanized’.

3. He is 42 years old and has three children!

4. He is a recreational snowboarder.

5. He is a teetotaler, despite his decades-long immersion in the club scene! (Yes, Kaskade doesn’t consume alcohol even while he’s performing! The Sherp was as surprised as you are.)

6. He is a devout Mormon who still goes to church, and he counts choir practice among his musical influences.

7. He speaks fluent Japanese. In fact, he even worked briefly as a Japanese tour guide in New York!

8. He strongly believes that you don’t need to be in an altered state of mind to enjoy his music, and wishes his fans didn’t take drugs to appreciate his performance!

9. Kaskade has the only double-residency at Las Vegas: Wynn’s Encore Beach Club and Cosmopolitan’s Marquee!

10. He is the brother of American entrepreneur and film producer, Rich Raddon.