Daft Punk, the iconic electronic music duo, have come out with another smashing collaboration that’s driving everyone, including us, insane! The French producers have teamed up with the music industry’s new hit crooner, The Weeknd, for the track “Starboy” and my oh my we’re loving it.

The track was released just a few hours after The Weeknd announced the release date for his new album”Starboy” on 26th November. The song has totally motivated us to mark our calendars for the whole album when it drops. The singer’s debut album tore the charts and won him Grammy awards and we can’t wait for more material which he’s been teasing us with since forever.

After rumours about this possibility made rounds, people have been wondering how the hit makers would create a hit and they’ve crushed it. Their traditional electro beats mix in perfectly with the singer’s smooth voice. It has the most infectious chorus and hook. This is definitely a monster hit that we can listen to forever.

Daft Punk too have had a phenomenal success with Random Access Memories and a few new collaborations in the works. They’re changing the electronic genre and producing tracks with Kanye West and Pharrell which are chart toppers over night.

Before we go, put the song on loop for an hour, hear it for yourself and do the same.