The dance and musical festival will give Delhiites an aesthetic treat this month.

Natya Tarangini – Raja Radha Reddy Centre for Performing Arts will be hosting the annual Parampara series from the 30th of September to the 2nd of October in Delhi at the Kamani Auditorium. The series will have two concerts every evening for dance as well as music.

This artistic platform will represent successful dance productions of recent times by Raja Radha Reddy, Samudra Group, and Lokendrajit Singh, along with musical concerts by Ronu Majumdar, Kaushiki, Hyderabad brothers (D Seshachary and D. Raghavachary) and D Srinivas. Raja Radha Reddy who will take the stage along with their daughters Yamini and Bhavana.

Follow the schedule here:

30th September will begin with a Kuchipudi performance by Raja Radha Reddy, followed by a Carnatic Vocal and Veena recital by D. Seshachary, D. Raghavachary and D.Srinivas.

1st October will feature a Manipuri dance performance by Lokendrajit Singh, followed by a Hindustani flute recital by Ronu Majumdar.

2nd October will commence with a contemporary dance performance by the Samudra Group and the festival will conclude with a Hindustani vocal recital by Kaushiki Chakraborty. 


The festival takes place every year in order to redefine and rejuvenate India’s rich cultural heritage and has stood firm for the last 19 years, making it synonymous with Delhi’s annual cultural scene.

The 20th edition of this festival will starts from 7 pm and will go on till 9.30pm which means it won’t be an issue for curfew too! Make sure you book your tickets and do it now! Get in touch with the Indian culture that has been alive all these centuries and will continue to live on even in the ones to come.