The duo are up to something and we’re curious to find out more.

Rumours about Daft Punk performing live at Lollapalooza and other festivals was seriously rejected after they went out of control. But now it seems like we might be graced with something by the duo very soon.

A website was already a hint about a possible album (it was the main) and currently displays the word on a black screen, but a Reddit user has decoded a secret message within the page. If you look closely you’ll notice the numbers 21,10,26,06 in between the alphabet I. You’ll have to see it on your monitors with utter concentration to find it.


These numbers seem random but the Redditer claims that these are coordinates for dates in several cities where they might perform. However the numbers seem to change every time we see it. Could this be a countdown? Or Morse Code? What do you see? Is this a conspiracy? WHAT IS IT?

This cyber inclined duo are really good at getting a conversation started, that’s for sure. There are a few people who are claiming to see the line “Wake Date 2016-10-27” but we can’t see it yet (or we’ve driven ourselves to go visit the optometrist).

Whatever this is, it’s gaining a lot of attention from all over the place. The French DJs clearly know how to keep the people wanting more. Let’s wait and see this month to figure out if its true or not.