Indigo Live has put together an extraordinary combination of artists to play at the capital city for a cause.

After a successful gig in Mumbai, where people came together to support the fight against crimes committed against women, Indigo Live are heading to the capital city of Delhi with their ‘Cry Freedom’ banner.

‘Music for a cause’ seems to have become all the rage and with good reason. Music speaks to the masses in more ways than we can contemplate so it makes perfect sense to use it as a platform to spread the ‘good word’, which is exactly what the guys at Indigo Live intend to do.

Each gig will address a different (and extremely relevant) social cause, and will aim to spread awareness about the same through the universal language of music. And in time, Indigo Live hope that Cry Freedom will become a platform for the youth to express their freedom in daily lives i.e. freedom from discrimination, violence, corruption, moral policing, etc.

The second edition of Cry Freedom, will be addressing the prevalent and persistent issue of ‘crime against women’ and with the help of prominent Indian musicians Dualist Inquiry, Ash Roy (Jalebee Cartel), Hari & Sukhmani, Jasleen Royal, and stand-up comedian Neeti Palta to spread the word through their art.

Here’s a little about the artists:

1. Dualist Inquiry

Dualist Inquiry is the brainchild and solo project of Sahej Bakshi, a producer, guitarist and composer who graduated from the Thronton Music School at USC in Los Angeles, CA. Critics state that his latest release Doppelganger ‘is likely to expand the boundaries of India’s electronica’.

2. Ash Roy (Jalebee Cartel)

Ash Roy’s fifteen-year career has taken him to many big stages across many big cities. He reconnected with two old friends and fellow musicians Arjun Vagale & Ashvin Mani Sharma and together, they formed Jalebee Cartel, India’s answer to raw, real underground. Since its inception, Roy has been providing all vocal and percussive elements during their memorable live performances and has also steadily been creating music to add to the Cartel’s cache of original productions.

3. Hari & Sukhmani

Trained Hindustani classical vocalist from the Rampur Gharana, Sukhmani Malik’s character-packed voice doesn’t fail to strike the right note as the audience levitates through their electro-folk musical experience.


Hari Singh singer and producer — has unique electronica skills engineered to grab the listeners’ heart. With traces of Indian classical blending into ambient electronica, Hari + Sukhmani’s music resonates with their cultured touch.


Hari + Sukhmani have been touring nationally in India and internationally to places including Dubai, Australia, and New Zealand since December 2008.

4. Jasleen Royal

Looking at the petite Jasleen Royal, all of 20 years, no one can imagine of how talented this little girl might be. But as soon as she puts her guitar around her neck, starts strumming those strings and lending her voice, we can be nothing but astounded. Expertise is her specialty when the context is music. She broke the ice with being one of the semi finalists in India’s Got Talent and just one and a half year old in the industry, she already made her mark and it’s just going to get deeper and deeper with time.

5. Neeti Palta

Neeti Palta brings to the English Stand Up Comedy scene in India what it sorely lacks – a female perspective. Being amongst the only English female stand ups in the Indian circuit, she has the unique advantage of presenting the female point of view on a variety of subjects – the life of a woman in India, Indian parents, daily irritants or whatever topic catches her fancy, while occasionally indulging in a spot of male bashing (Ok, a lot of that). She is also India’s first Stand Up to be sent to Melbourne for the prestigious Melbourne Comedy Festival 2013.


So guys make sure you show your support and come-together to form a super community of music loving ‘Cause-Fighters’ plus there is the added advantage of being treated to some super music!

To support the cause and express your love for music, head to:

Saturday, August 24: blueFROG, Delhi


Here’s the official Cry Freedom 2013 Delhi Promo: