French producer, Michael Calfan, speaks to The Sherp before kickstarting his India tour this weekend!

Known for his worldwide phenomenal track ‘Ressurection‘, which is signed to Axwell’s record label – AxtoneMichael Calfan is all set to kick off his debut tour in India. Calfan speaks to The Sherp about being discovered by Bob Sinclar, his maiden Indian tour, and more…

Sherp: Hey Michael, this being your maiden tour to India, how excited are you to visit India?

Michael Calfan: I’m really excited to make my debut in India, I heard a lot of good things about India, a lot of people say that it’s the future place of EDM, so I really want to see that.

Sherp: At what age did you start producing music?

MC: I started DJ-ing at 15 and then at 16 I started to produce.

Sherp: You were discovered by Bob Sinclar. Tell us how that happened?

MC: It’s a funny story. When I was 16, one of my friends spent his holidays with Bob Sinclar and thanks to that he gave me his email address. Then I sent him maybe 50 emails with some tracks and one day he decided to come to my home to see how I produce. I think he liked it 🙂

Sherp: Your track ‘Resurrection’ has been one of the most popular tracks being played worldwide. Run us through how you created this incredibly addictive tune.

MC: I made the track on my computer in my room. In the beginning I didn’t really like it and when I heard Axwell play it for the first time in Paris, I had a revelation and I knew that ‘Resurrection’ will be one of my best tracks.

Sherp: You recently played a stellar set at Tomorrowland. What’s the experience like playing at a massive festival like Tomorrowland?

MC: It was amazing, I think it’s the dream of all DJs to play one day at Tomorrowland and this dream came true for me. I would like to thank again Yves-V because his stage and his line up were perfect!

Sherp: Who’s been your biggest inspiration?

MC: I have a lot of inspirations – Daft Punk for their career, Axwell for his music, Bob Sinclar, etc. I try to have several inspirations to create my own one.

Sherp: When you’re not making music or touring, what are you doing?

MC: I’m hanging out. I see some friends but I don’t really have the time for that so sometimes I bring my friends with me on tour.

Sherp: Best moment behind the console?

MC: I don’t have ONE best moment. Every time I see people enjoying my music is a good moment for me. But all festivals I played at were big moments for me, because you have so many people in front of you who are waiting for your music! This is crazy!

Sherp: Biggest fail behind the console?

MC: Maybe it’s when promoters give me a mixer from another world!

Sherp: Do you have any rituals that you perform before playing a live set?

MC: Just take a shower, smoke a cigarette and never come too early at the club. It brings bad luck to me 🙂


1. Best Festival Experience?

MC: Tomorrowland and Wonderland Festival in Hawaii.

 2. Weirdest Festival Experience?

MC: All festivals were good for me. Hope it will be like this in the future.

3. Festivals you’d like to play at and why?

MC: I would like to at Coachella because of the atmosphere – it’s the Woodstock for EDM.

 4. If there was one festival you could play at before you die, which would it be?

MC: Tomorrowland, but mainstage this time at the closing 🙂

 5. What are you working on these days?

MC: I’m working on several original tracks and remixes! We’ll keep in touch about that 😉

A big shout-out to Deep Sound Entertainment for this exclusive interview.