Presenting, The Red Bull Tour Bus – a stage on wheels that will bring music to your doorstep!

Here’s some excitement Level: Next! Red Bull has built a bus. No, not a school bus or a public-transport one – it’s an actual Tour Bus! Hell yeah! Who needs a club when you have a Transformer-ish automobile opening up into a stage, right?

The Red Bull Tour Bus is all set to debut in India THIS October. This is HUGE for the Indie music lovers in India because India is the very first Asian country to get its own bus, joining Canada, Italy, Germany, USA and Poland amongst others. Folks, here is a revolution in the Indian gig experience!

The custom-built bus will be transformed into a live stage which will unquestionably feature the best and latest audio technology and will be equipped with a generator and trailer which will be built-in the vehicle. Curious about what this stage on wheels is going to do? The magic bus will be taking bands to cities they haven’t played before to fans who haven’t heard them before!

The self-contained stage will take music bands to uncharted territories, giving fans a chance to listen to their favorite music LIVE! The tour bus, which transforms into a complete sound stage, is the first of its kind in India! This wizardry transport was built beam by beam from a chassis (an internal framework supporting an object in its construction). It has taken approximately 2,250 man-hours to construct this work of art.

The stage is fully equipped with everything you need for an amazing gig experience – from sound system to lights! When the bus hits the road, it features a gaming console (oh yeah!), a 22-inch flat screen TV, a mini work station, 8 bunk beds, 12 seats, hardwood floors and an equipment storage area. In about 3 to 4 hours, the bus transforms from a typical 36-foot-long transport to a full-out rock stage! The Red Bull folks are definitely making sure the bands have a great time on tour (apart from the fans of course!), and are looking into the fine details for the live performances.

The Sherp is awestruck and simply cannot wait for this enchanter to hit the roads!

The upheaval in live music experience is here! The question is – Will YOU be a part of it?


Here’s a peak at the Red Bull Tour Bus: