We’re just one week away from Avicii’s India Tour with Sunburn Arena. Here’s something exclusive from The Sherp to get you in the mood…

After giving us the global phenomenon that is ‘Levels’, Avicii surprised his fans and music critics alike when he revealed the track ‘Wake Me Up’ for the first time at Ultra Music Festival in Miami earlier this year. What fans loved about the single is its country and folk influence, and of course the remarkable vocals of Aloe Blacc!

Many fans, vocalists and independent artists recorded their own covers of Wake Me Up and uploaded them on YouTube.

The Sherp went through several covers and picked the top 10 for you:


1. Evan Duffy & Skylar Stecker


2. Ashanti Floyd (Violin Cover)


3. Madilyn Bailey


4. Rebecca Shearing


5. Sam Tsui & Jason Pitts


6. CeCe Frey


7. Jakob Karlberg


8. Igor Presnyakov (This guy has some MAD guitar skills!)


9. HelenaMaria (You just ought to watch these beautiful identical twins jamming in their studio!)


10. Avery