The monstrous  “Akkad Bakkad”  gets a music video and it’s more than just awesome.

In a time when the “music video” doesn’t bear much relevance to artists and their music, international clothing brand H&M have set up a new project to bring the concept of the music video back to life. Titled H&M Life, this project attempts to promote young talent from all over the world by helping and funding the production of videos to their music. This month, H&M Life  picked India’s favourite new bass monster  – Nucleya and his phenomenal hit ‘Akkad Bakkad’ from his his new EP ‘Koocha Monster’ (which fuses the raw energy of South Indian street & folk music with his signature bass heavy sound) to promote.
From the looks of the video it’s obvious all creative liberties were given to Nucleya and director Nishant Nayak and H&M Life only financially supported it. Props to them, for that.

 On the theme of video Nucleya claimed,

“The words ‘Akkad Bakkad’ are just gibberish. It’s an old Indian nursery rhyme that most people have forgotten about. But the video has a message. It’s about corruption. We show a politician enjoying his life and not caring about the people. And a young boy who speaks out against the system through his art. The state of Indian politics is really bad. It bothers me when I open the newspaper in the morning.”


The Sherp couldn’t agree more!

What do you guys think of the video? Tell us.