Boutique Festivals are the next best thing for great music and memorable experiences while eliminating the negatives of a large scale event.

Every year, thousands of people attend large scale music festivals to get away from it all. This is often a problem when those thousands of people all end up at the same location. It’s true that the big festivals are great to see some top of the line acts performing together at one place and the energy is electric; but is it really worth it? The drunken crowds, the long waiting lines, the overpriced F&B and of course, the less than hygienic toilets often lead to a less than stellar experience.

Well, what if you could attend a festival with great music AND have a memorable experience?

The rise in boutique festivals has given festival goers some truly amazing alternative options. Usually held in secluded picturesque locales, these festivals are the perfect way to escape the madness of everyday life. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider attending a boutique festival :

1. It’s not mainstream, which means lower number people and a more intimate experience.

Sure you might not be able to see every single one of your favourite artists there but you might just find a new one! The lineups often feature great underground acts and is a great way to expand your musical horizons. Genres may vary from EDM to Indie Rock or even Country. You also might just bump into an artist at the festival and have some interesting conversations. With lesser distractions, the focus is really on the quality of the music rather than just exaggerated pomp and show. Don’t be fooled though, this in no way means that the festivals are tiny or are any less of a party.

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2. The festivals tend to be environmentally responsible and socially conscious.

Big festivals are known to be huge creators of waste while also a breeding ground for chaos and unfortunate incidents. This is not much of an issue in boutique festivals as rowdy behaviour isn’t welcome. The festivals are all about making sure everyone has a safe and fun time while also maintaining the sanctity of the surroundings. Just take a look at these Do’s and Don’ts from the Secret Garden Party‘s website :

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3. They’re breathtakingly beautiful; from the location down to the stages and the decorative art.

Set in some of the best spots possible, you’ll fall in love with these festivals at first sight. Organized in places like a river bank, a forests or by a hill next to a lake, boutique festivals have got the locations on lock. On top of that, the stages, the lighting and decorations showcase an eclectic and diverse blend of artistic styles.

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4. They encourage and build a sense of community.

A sense of community is one of the building blocks of such festivals. With group activities, camping & bonfire jam sessions etc. the festivals bring people closer together. These festivals also usually have an extremely loyal fan base who consider the festival like their second home.

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5. There’s so much to do with interactive elements all around!

Besides music, activities like zorbing, jungle gym building, boating and yoga make these festivals so much more interesting. There’s never a dull moment as you can always find something to do.

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