Yes, Coldplay is coming. And no, we don’t have to pay a bomb to watch them. All you have to do is register and participate in the Global Citizen programme here

According to the Global Citizen website, the band is definitely going to perform in Mumbai on November 19th. And the tickets are, wait for it, FREE! 

The website has officially announced that will be hosting the first-ever Global Citizen Festival in India, with a lineup of international and Indian headliners, including Coldplay. They will launch a 15-year campaign to mobilise social change in India on World Toilet Day, which happens to be November 19th. 

The boys themselves have hit RT on this post.

But  it doesn’t mean you can waltz in like you own the place. You have to earn your ticket by taking actions in support of their education, equality, and sanitation campaigns. Starting Monday, you can earn your ticket by signing up at GlobalCitizen.IN to become a Global Citizen and complete the festival’s campaigns.

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Wait, does this mean that Jay-Z and Beyonce could be a possibility too?