Forget the hassles of building an all-new PC for your ‘professional home studio’. You’ve got everything you need to make your fire mixtape, right here on these websites!

Seriously, though. We cannot deny the advent of HTML and its numerous capabilities. Ever since HTML5 graced our lovely internet world, there have been several developments to make the humble browser a powerful tool for all sorts of stuff. Even music production. So, whether you’re a seasoned pro looking for inspiration, or a beginner who wants to play around with random sounds, here are 7 websites to get you started on making some sick beats and thumping basslines!

1. HTML5 Drum Machine

Probably the most fun to use from the list, this is exactly what it suggests. With a neo-retro look and kits like hip hop, electro and a few more, the HTML5 Drum Machine packs quite a punch, with its 2 patterns and recording facility.

2. Theremin

A web-theremin of sorts, all you have to do is hover the cursor over all that yellow space with your left mouse button held down, and voila! You can create some really weird soundscapes with this, and of course, save it for later use.

3. Audio Sauna

Audio Sauna transforms your web browser into a fast and flexible music production studio with built in synthesizers and live effects. It is a full-featured audio workstation with an easy-to-use and straightforward user interface.

4. WebModular

WebModular  is just what it says it is, a 2-oscillator web modular synth with different options for patching, and other cool stuff. It’s written in HTML5+Javascript, and has real-time sound generation with javascript. It’s strongly recommended to use this on Firefox or Chrome.

5. PatternSketch

PatternSketch allows you to create varied drum patterns with multiple kits, and save them for future reference. It’s a surprisingly detailed pattern generator, with several options and presets available for use.