Coldplay just released a stripped down version of an already beautiful ‘Everglow’.

This June, Coldplay were undoubtedly the biggest headliners at Glastonbury. During their set, due to some technical snags, Chris Martin had to take over the stage to perform a solo. He decided to perform an impromptu version of ‘Everglow’ from their latest album ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’. The song saw only Chris Martin sitting in front of a piano and sing like it was his last song. One could say the technical glitch was a blessing in disguise! The track became such a hit that Coldplay just released the new version Chris had performed! 

The version, that has been released, is a delicate serenading track that is bound to induce some feels and goosebumps. Another addition to the already moving track is the inclusion of an audio excerpt by the great Muhammad Ali speaking to a live audience in Newcastle in 1977. The band had referenced this speech earlier when they were performing at Glastonbury.

With Coldplay heading down to India in just a couple of days, it’s safe to say all of us should be prepared for a night filled with feels!