Rich Chigga, a 17-year-old rapper, instantly attained global fan after his track ‘Dat $tick’ went viral and has been viewed more than 20 million times worldwide.

Rich Chigga isn’t your typical rapper. The Indonesian native is also a web comedian at heart who surprisingly found out he had a passion for rapping after losing a dare with a friend. Now two years into the craft, he took the hip-hop community by storm when his video “Dat $tick” went viral.
While “Dat $tick” is his claim to fame, Chigga was generating a buzz before the song arrived in February. He started making a name for himself with videos he plopped on Vine in 2013. A lover of film and cinematography, he would also post hilarious parody videos on YouTube, most notably “Suicide Hotline,” a short film where he plays a married man wanting to commit suicide.

Not only did Chigga become a beloved figure in the realm of the meme-filled internet, he actually earned respect from some of the biggest rappers around.  This includes Wu-Tang Clan legend ‘Ghostface Killah’, who recently appeared alongside Rich Chigga and Miami-based rapper Pouya on the official remix for “Dat $tick”.

My English is very bad first. Learning how rapping actually improve my English, because it forced me to talk so fast,” he said as quoted by .

Imanuel’s friends online introduced him to hip-hop in 2012. It was 2 Chainz and Macklemore, whose track “Thrift Shop”, was the first to which Imanuel tried rapping.

Have a look at his latest remix on Youtube: