Arguably the biggest musical event of the year, Coachella has yet again proved that it can very well generate moments that will be discussed for years to come.

It has possible the most news-worthy line-up. It generates record numbers of festival attendees. And it combines camping, music, food and culture in the mélange best possible. So of course, its aftermath guarantees a legit look at the most stand-out moments, and The Sherp has for you just that.

1. When Jack White proved music alone stands tall

That Jack White is a gift to the musical universe has been reiterated a thousand times before. But in his headlining performance on Saturday, he laid bare exactly that that binds us all. Not only did he perform an all encompassing set featuring songs from The White Stripes, Raconteurs right up to his latest solo work, but he let out the fundamental truth – “I hope you realize for a few seconds every day that music is sacred.” Adding to that, he not only dedicated his set to the transgender community, but asked his audience to ‘put their fucking cell phones down for five seconds.’ Can we put that on repeat? Seriously, we’re crying.

2. When Chet Faker didn’t sing mostly, but nailed it.

Everyone loves Chet Faker, not just for his down-tempo style, but also for his goddamn beautiful vocals. Except the Coachella audience didn’t quite get around to Chet singing as much. But the act he put up still won over all, with his brilliant electronic set, followed later by his band members joining him for ‘Talk is Cheap’. In his quaint white shirt and beanie, Chet didn’t disappoint.

3. When Australia took over

When AC / DC proved that they’re rock veterans for a reason, when Tame Impala got the audience grooving to songs from their new album Currents and their two breakout albums, when Angus and Julia Stone reiterated their indie sweetheart status and when Chet Faker, Peking Duck and Kimbra delivered sets that were plain magical, Australian music representation had a field day at Coachella.


11117915_10153139836346648_4425850186828904353_n(images source: Coachella Facebook)

4. When Madonna proved she never backs down

Music listeners have always had an extreme opinion about pop icon, Madonna. But one cannot deny that she never fails to remain relevant. As Drake performed his song Madonna, and led the singer on stage, she gave the audience that unforgettable moment by uhh..snogging Drake, much to his amusement, before trailing off with élan. Oh, Madonna, should we say, never change?

Hey Drake, thanking your heavens?

1476098_10153144557351648_8965920378139534255_n(images source: Coachella Facebook)

5. When Tyler, The Creator knew what’s up

When Tyler, the Creator spent a good 30 seconds calling out the ‘boring’ VIP crowd, that is often criticised for it not being in tune with a festival vibe, you knew he knew what he was talking about. Not to mention he took a pretty funny diss at Kendall Jenner in the audience before resuming his performance. It was fun for all.

Meanwhile, Kendall’s like:

getty(image credits: Getty Images)

6. The art installations that stood out

While the headliners in Coachella were looked forward to patiently, what kept the audience busy was a giant caterpillar. Called “Papilio Merraculous,” the brilliant art installation, the brainchild of creative group Poetic Kinetics, also the minds behind the snail in 2013, and the large astronaut of 2014, made it to many a roving instagram images. Earthmover, the Coachella mantis by Christian Ristow, also made for some valid head turns.

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(images source: Coachella Facebook)

7. The star-studded attendee list

Coachella never disappoints with its audience, not in number, not in variety. Not only was legend Paul McCartney there on day 1, caught chilling with Adam Levine, but so was everyone’s favourite bashing bag Justin Bieber, playing cheeky with Chris Brown. Ian Somerhalder led the temperatures soaring as he was given company by ‘vampire-babe’ Nikki Reed, and remember how Kendall Jenner got called out? Our favourite couple Aaron Paul and Lauren Paul had their own fan moment with Hozier and RiRi was there, and surprisingly didn’t pull a surprise act at any stage. Unfortunately.

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