The Sherp is here to summarize the sheer awesomeness that was this year’s MTV Bloc Party. From the venue and setup to the groundbreaking acts – it’s all in here, folks.

1. The Venue

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The Juhu Hotel venue played in a big part in making the Bloc Party as awesome as it was. With the sea breeze blowing in and the stage overlooking a splendid view of the beach, the venue drew trumps in all departments.

2. The Homegrown Acts


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Su Real really kicked up the tempo as the Sun began to sink into the horizon by dropping some high adrenaline trap numbers. Opening acts Sharan Punjabi and SICKFLIP warmed up the crowd perfectly for the bigger names to follow.

3. The Ballpit!


The softball pit has been a common feature at festivals this year. The pit situated at the Bloc Party came as a great avenue to let loose and relax. Situated almost a stone’s throw away from the main stage, this spot was pretty populated at all times.

4. The Bar(s)

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Two separate bars situated at the venue made purchasing alcohol a convenient affair. There was no overcrowding at the coupon centers with one bar situated at the entrance of the venue, and another one adjacent to the stage. Props to the Insider team for their efforts.

5. Doctor P Cranked Up The Heat


Doctor P closing Day 1 was something that threw us all off our feet. One of UK’s most highly regarded dubstep gems, he delivered some really massive bass sounds and mixed it up with the finest UK DnB – a genre that has been single handedly dominated by British artists.

6. The Crowd Enthusiasm

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Even though both international acts that headlined the event – Bassjackers and DJ Blend haven’t frequented an Indian audience as many times as other EDM acts have before, their interaction with the crowd and the people’s wildly spirited response was an exuberant change of pace from the usual head-bobbing that goes on when a relatively new artist performs.

7. Bassjackers Dropped Some Old School Mixes

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After cranking up some of their latest beats, Bassjackers took the crowd down nostalgia street with a Linkin Park mix here and there. It’s safe to say every early-2000s kid – and there were a considerable amount – went berserk over that.

8. The Set Up

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MTV put some effort into the set up of the arena and it paid off. The neon faces on trees, the wicked lit up horse to the colourful, very haute-hipster walkway down to the stage, every little bit of it contributed to creating the ideal-beach rave ambience.

9. When Bassjackers Played ‘Rude’

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It’s no secret that Bassjackers are people-pleasers in the most incredible way possible. Half-way through their set, the DJ dropped a mix of ‘Rude‘ by Magic! sending the crowd into a frenzy. Everyone sang along and hugged their special someones. (Some did more than hug, but we won’t talk about that. What happens at Bloc Party stays at Bloc Party.)

10. Blend’s Newfound Devotees

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DJ Blend’s exuberance was definitely contagious and was caught on by the crowd for sure. In the sweaty expanse of dancing bodies, there were innumerable people dancing like there’s no tomorrow. After this year’s Bloc Party, we’re sure Blend’s found himself an array of Indian fans.

Needless to say, this edition of Bloc Party was a raging success, not one without hitches though. There were parking pains and too much bass due to the sound system at some point, but overall, the good things outweigh these minor glitches by a wide margin. The Sherp hopes to see another crackling edition next year, so keep your eyes and ears this way for updates, people.