The Chemical Brothers want to take you on a trip! 

On November 4th, the iconic English electronic music duo released their track ‘C-H-E-M-I-C-A-L’. The track stays true to their quirky and big beat genre with some booming basslines and thumps. Now, they’ve released a new video to accompany the track. Directed by Adam Smith, who happens to be a long time collaborator with the duo, the video sees simple imagery which takes inspiration from kids’ television shows! 

You get to see a lot of familiar characters take the screen in front of a black background and mouthing off the letters and the lyrics. The animation too, comprises of several layers overlapped to give a 3D effect. It also bears resemblance to the mind blowing visuals the duo has adapted into their live shows as well!

The song, as well as the video, come just days after they announced that they will be releasing much of their discography exclusively on vinyl. 

They will also be playing at 5 shows in UK for their 2015 album ‘Born In The Echoes’!